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Exhibition:New Viewings, a virtual exhibition curated by Lydia Korndörfer at Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin, 2020
The joyful photo works of Marius Glauer in „Dreams and Memories“ lead us to where we’ve been or to where we want to be – may it be an Old Masters gallery, a glamorous sanatorium or a Buddhist temple surrounded by lotus flowers. Open to different readings based on divers cultural backgrounds, one can discover everything from glossy collages to dystopian robots and vanitas still lifes in his images. The works demonstrate Glauer’s fascination for sur – and interfaces. He constantly challenges flatness in it’s extreme forms, while he creates the most tactile pictures at the same time. One can immediately feel, smell and even taste his works. And just like other sweet vices, they make you wanna have more.
Marius Glauer lives and works in Berlin and Oslo. His works testify the artist’s contemporary understanding of photography and oscillate with ease between different mediums. The artist acts as painter, sculptor and photographer at the same time. – Lydia Korndörfer
Dreams and Memories, 2020

A virtual installation with several current works on display