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On the occasion of Various Others Spring Edition 2024, Marius Glauer introduces new works at Britta Rettberg gallery in Munich.

In this exhibition the artist manifests the surrealistic character of his photographs and leads the viewer into a world where genres blend. Still-lifes become landscapes, landscapes become portraits. Like captured in René Magritte’s famous painting Le Château des Pyrénées, the notion of the impossible dream and the endless imagination of a better world are here characterized through levitating shells, red flowers, ancient insects and phantasmagoric backdrops. The artist’s characters of resonance alert us that a society that collectively forgets how to dream is a society that ceases to pollinate and fertilize. In a seemingly disenchanted world, where dreams appear only fabricated and become banalities, Marius Glauer creates captivating works of art imbued with lyrical expression, offering poignant reflections on contemporary existence.